Spring 2021 SOL Testing - Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on 04/07/2021

When will the assessments be given? What subject(s) will be tested?

The Spring SOL testing window is April 26th to June 4th

SOLs will be given for Reading and Math in grades 6, 7 and 8, and Science in 8th grade only.  Students scheduled for Extended 7th grade Math will take the 8th Grade Math SOL.  Students enrolled in Algebra or Geometry will take the SOL for those courses.


Will I be informed in advance of the testing schedule?

The SOL testing schedule for Potomac Middle School will be posted on the school website, Twitter, and Facebook once finalized.


Can my child take the SOL Virtually at home, same as current class environment?

No.  Virginia’s Standards of Learning tests can only be given in a secure testing environment.  SOLs must be given in-person at school and supervised by a PTMS staff member.


What would be the alternative if they didn't take the SOL in person?

Students scheduled for Virtual Only who choose not to take the SOL in-person will be given the Virginia Remote Student Test.


If students test in person, how long would they be in school?

The SOLs are not a timed test.  Typically, students have the school day to finish.  If students begin their SOL at 8:30am, they will have until 2:30pm to complete it.  Most students take only 2-3 hours to finish; however, students are encouraged to take as much time as they need within the school day.


What is the difference between the SOL and the Remote Test for Virtual Only Students?

The Virginia Remote Student Progress Test will include test items similar to those found on the SOLs.  Like with SOLs, the results of the Virginia Remote Student Progress Tests may be used to determine student achievement and to identify areas in which students may need additional instruction.  However, the results will not be used for school accreditation ratings because the remote tests are not be given in a secure environment.


If my child is not comfortable taking the SOL test this year, is it going to hurt him/her at the end of this school year (2021)?

SOL performance does not affect grades.  The results are used to determine student achievement and identify areas in which students may need additional instruction.


If students are unable to participate in SOL testing this spring, will there be another opportunity to take this test?

Students enrolled in Algebra or Geometry who do not take the SOL this year will have an opportunity to take it in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 to receive verified credit for high school.


If my child has the Algebra I SOL this year and they do not take it in person, will they still be able to take geometry in 9th grade?

Yes.  If the student passes the Algebra I course but does not take the SOL they are still eligible to take Geometry the following year.


The school will take every precaution necessary, correct? What COVID mitigation strategies are in place for SOL Testing? What will be the occupancy total for testing dates and times?

Yes. The school will utilize the current mitigation practices that have been established and are in use for in-person learners. i.e. social distance practices, sanitation, and frequent cleaning.


The occupancy locations will be based upon the number of students scheduled to attend for testing on the given day. All safety and cleaning protocols will be in effect.


If the COVID numbers spike in Prince William County, will there still be in-person SOL testing?

We will monitor the COVID Numbers and follow practices and procedures with the guidance of Prince William County Schools.