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Hi guys!

First, I'm sorry.  Events outside any one person's control stole the last 3 months of this school year from all of us.  (I bet I'm more upset about that then you guys are).  At first I thought it would do you guys more good to have physical books in front of you that you could read whenever you felt up to it (or whenever Mom made you)!  Now that it looks more and more like next year school will look very different then this year, we all need to start getting used to doing more via computers because we will probably have to for at least awhile.  Starting with me.

For whatever is left of the 2019-2020 school year, I will add links to online resources and materials that you guys can view and use however you like.  There are no grades right now; Your grade for the end of the year will be your three report card grades averaged.  If you want something graded, I can add it in to your 3rd quarter grade.  But that's not really a big deal right now.

More upcoming.  I hope you and your families are well.

Mr. Morris

The books I mailed you are available electronically on the "files and documents" page through the link on the left.  If you WANT to print something, make sure to only print the pages you actually want (page numbers are on the bottom).