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Hello  I am Ms. Patton, 8th grade Civics teacher at Potomac Middle School.  It is my mission to guide students through both Government and Economics in way that they can be successful in class and applying learning to life after school. I follow the SOL curriculum as required by the state of Virginia.  It is my hope that every child that I teach are able to apply learning to outside situations.

The current circumstances of living has made it difficult to continue with the educational process we are familiar with,  however we can adapt and create a new normal.  Even though school leaders have expressed that no new work should be given or graded, reviewing, remediation, skills practice are ALWAYS very essential to maintaining that which has already been learned.  

I will include study guides and guided practice as a means of staying abreast of what was learned over the 2019-2020 school year. The files and documents tab to the left, will include activities that can be worked on during this school shut down. Check this page weekly for updates and assignments. The SOLPASS study guides and textbook information can be found in the useful links tabs. 

CANVAS is what will be used to complete distance  learning for the 2020-2021 school year.