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Welcome to my classroom!

How are you all! I hope that everyone is doing fine and healthy. I am excited to work with you or your child this school year! I look forward to helping you or your child grow! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

Review work and activities which will be available soon. No new learning material will be posted. Per the County Guidelines: All PWCS staff have been directed to adhere strictly to the following:

  1. Minimize student stress - do not assign new work to students at this difficult time.
  2. No new graded work should be assigned until further notice (at least April 14).
  3. All due dates of previously assigned work should be pushed to at least April 14, or beyond.
  4. All work is optional during this time.
  5. Teachers can work with students on making connections, on thinking, and critical questioning.
  6. The goal is not to give large packets, busy work, or worksheets.
  7. Teachers can and should give helpful growth-producing feedback to students, but not assign any letter or numerical grades.

Please be safe, take care of yourself and your family, and don't forget to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING during these unsettling times. Please follow the tips provided below.

Mr. Aziz