Dear Class,

Here are some useful links for use  during the corresponding class schedule.

CLASS SCHEDULE - can be found under files and documents. 


On CLEVER you will find some approved sites to practice relating to our subject matter.


FOR WEEK OF MAY 25-29, 2020: Please read from this link

For English/Language Arts, please also look under files and documents for weekly practice that can be done in a short amount of time. Also, you 

Primarily, though, we will practice what we learn from files and documents using IXL. Log into IXL and choose the appropriate subject that corresponds with the school schedule.  I will be able to track progress and take note on what needs reteaching or additional practice using data from this application. 

From there, keep checking documents and files for assignments/practice. 

UPDATE: Social Studies reading assignment is found at  Go to US II and choose the student book (either with or without audio, whichever you prefer).Please read pgs. 18-21 and complete the review questions found under documents and files.

Any questions? Contact me (Mrs. Watson) by emailing