Students- please continue to check Microsoft Teams for assignments.  Also, please continue to check your email for the Zoom meeting invites, I will send out a new invitation every week to your email.  


Starting tomorrow, April 14th, Social Studies will have office hours on Tuesdays and we will be doing instruction on Thursday mornings.  

If you have questions on any assignments or content I will be available on Tuesdays from 1:30-3:00 to answer them or if you reach out to me I can get on a Zoom call to go over any assignments/projects.

Starting this Thursday we will have our instruction time from 8:30-10:00 AM.  This time will be both online instruction as well as time to complete assignments.  I will send out zoom meeting to you in the next day or so for the Thursday class.

Please reach out to me by email if you would like to set up time for me to go over any questions or help with assignments.  

 Please make sure you are completing any work that was given before March 12.  That work can be emailed to me as a photo or other ways to show the assignment is completed, my email is montilm@pwcs.edu. 

If you would like to retake a test please contact me as well, we will figure out how to get the test retaken while you are home. 

You are also able to redo work on which you would like to earn a higher grade.

Quarter 3 Units

World War II/Holocaust
This unit covers SOL Standard USII.7a, b, c, covering American involvement during WWII to include causes of WWII, the rise of dictators, fighting in the Pacific and in Europe, impact on the US Homefront, Japanese Internment, the Holocaust, and the dropping of the Atomic Bomb in Japan to end the war.  I have posted links to sites that might be useful as we cover these topics and will be posting more in the coming weeks.  

Roaring 20s:
We will begin our unit on Boom & Bust this week! This unit covers the 20s and 30s, including the stock market crash of 1929, the Great Depression, and the New Deal.

World War I
We have completed our World War I unit.  This unit covered the MAIN reasons for the war in Europe and the spark that started the war.   We have talked about new weapons used during the war and how this war differed from previous wars.  Finally we covered the US involvement in WWI, including the Harlem Hellfighters, and how the US impacted the war.

There are 2 projects for this unit, the first is for students to decode the Zimmerman Telegram (project is in files & documents) and answer questions on the note itself.  This project was assigned on January 24 and is due February 14.
The second project is to create a propaganda poster, the info is also in the Files & Documents section.  This project was assigned on February 3 and is due on February 21.

Quarter 2 Units

Spanish American War:

We are currently studying the Spanish American War and America's emergence as a global power.  

Gilded Age/Industrialization: 

We have started the unit on the Gilded Age and Industrialization.  We will be talking about the growth of business after the Civil War as well as the increase in immigration.  The unit will end with the Progressive Era and talking about abolition, women's suffrage, etc. This unit is long!  We expect to take the unit test around the 2nd week of December.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Gilded Age Project was given to students today, the project is due on Friday, December 6th.  Please see the instructions/project info in the Files/Documents section in the Gilded Age folder.

Quarter 1 Units

Westward ExpansionWe have started our unit covering Westward Expansion- we will be looking at the 5 reasons people moved west, 9 different inventions/adaptations that allowed for travel west and the impact on Native Americans.

We are also now working on a project (due October 25th) where each student will take on a role of someone who went west after the Civil War and will complete four diary entries.  Please see the project details in the Files and Documents/Westward Expansion folder.

The unit test for Westward Expansion is going to be on Wednesday, October 30th.  Students will have a study guide to work on prior to the test.

Reconstruction - We are studying Reconstruction for our first unit of US History.  We have had some homework in this unit, please see the Files & Document section for copies of the homework assignments.  Unit test is October 1st.

Geography- We have just finished the Geography unit in class and have taken a quiz.  Assignments for this unit can be found in the Geography assignments folder in the Files and Documents section.