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Ms. Katherine Gallo
Room 1202
7th Grade
US History II (Reconstruction - Present Day)
Twitter: @MsGalloPTMS

Hello y'all! My name is Katherine Gallo, and this is my third year at Potomac Middle School. I am so excited to accompany you on our journey of American history after the Civil War. Together, we will muck through the trenches of the Western Front, explore the awkward interwar/Great Depression years, learn about America's "Greatest Generation" during the Second World War, ensure that we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust, and study how the Civil Rights Era still impacts us today!

I myself am a product of Prince William County Schools (although I forever remain a Texan at heart). I graduated from Battlefield High School in 2010. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from George Mason University (Class of 2014) and decided to pursue a post-grad education. I have my Master of Arts in European History, with a pre-doctoral concentration also from George Mason University (Class of 2016). When I'm not at Potomac, I adjunct as a professor of world history at NOVA Woodbridge. During my first year of teaching, I taught 6th grade Language Arts, so I truly believe in the importance of cross-curriculum learning. I can't wait to blend History and Language Arts to provide more hands-on activities this school year, especially as we navigate our "new normal" of virtual learning.

Although Canvas will be where a bulk of our virtual assignments are posted, you can still check out this page for lesson information, resources, announcements, and assignments that I will post daily. This page will serve as another platform where everyone can access the information covered in class. If you ever need to contact me should there be any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to email (or call, when we're back in the classroom!) me!
Here is my syllabus for the 2020-2021 academic year: Class Syllabus Infogram - US History II Gallo 2021-1 (1).pdf

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Unit IV: Spanish-American War, Imperialism, & World War I 
(USII.5 a, b, & c)


First World War Recruitment Posters | Imperial War Museums            Collections :: APUSH WWI Propaganda | Smithsonian Learning Lab

Pictured left, a British World War I recruitment poster featuring Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War (1914), and, pictured right, the famous American "Uncle Sam"  World War I recruitment poster (1917). 
The similarities are not a coincidence - the Uncle Sam recruitment poster was inspired by the British one!

We will watch the United States cl
aim its role as a major world power following victory in the Spanish-American War. We will learn how the United States broke its choice to remain isolationist while the rest of Europe fought in "the war to end all wars," or World War I. We will also discuss changes and advancements in military technology, as well as the use of propaganda, during these two wars.

During this unit, you will apply social science skills to understand the changing role of the United States from the late nineteenth century through World War I by
a) explaining the reasons for and results of the Spanish-American War.
b) describing Theodore Roosevelt’s impact on the foreign policy of the United States.
c) evaluating and explaining the reasons for the United States’s involvement in World War I and its international leadership role at the conclusion of the war.

A Note on Technology...
We will be using Canvas as the main platform for all your information needed to succeed this year! Homework, Virtual Assignments, and other resources will be posted on our Canvas class page. You will need to check Canvas
daily, as it will be changing quickly and often!
Zoom will be our virtual meeting platform. All of my live lessons will be conducted through Zoom. You will need to be logged in to Zoom with your PWCS account - and I’ve provided your class’s direct Zoom link on our Canvas page. Please note that any inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the virtual classroom.
Microsoft Teams will also be used as a secondary communication platform. You can send me a chat message through Teams, especially during my office hours for our independent study (Period 5) block. If Zoom does not work, we will have our live instruction on Teams - I will give notice if we have to switch!
Nearpod will be used often for engaging lessons and helping everyone participate more! You can download the Nearpod app, but you won’t need an account - all you will need is my “join code,” which will always be provided to you before we start a lesson!
My Class App can be downloaded through this TinyURL link, and then bookmarked as an "app" on your phone/tablet for easier access to Canvas and other programs I will be using in class this year:

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Textbooks & Supplies...
For virtual learning, if you’re not able to print out my notes, you should at least have a dedicated binder with paper or notebook/composition book for note taking in my history class. Make sure you always have a pencil or pen to write with. The list of needed supplies is on our class syllabus.
When we return to the classroom, please be mindful that I cannot be sharing my supplies. I will also not be able to let other students lend their supplies if you forget to bring yours one day. This is because we need to maintain safe social distancing/health practices. The expectation then, is for you to bring all needed supplies to class every day.
We do have access to an online textbook. The information to access the textbook will be provided to you, but be aware, I don’t use the textbook often for our class notes and lessons. Most of our content will come from the guided notes and lessons I provide to you. You need to rely on these notes when we have tests and quizzes.
I encourage everyone to keep up the "Dunkirk Spirit" as we navigate through these challenging and unprecedented times! I will do my best to give you an engaging and exciting continuation of American history, and I look forward to the day when we get to meet in person. Until then...
Keep Calm and Carry On!
Ms. Gallo