Mrs. Weimer

Welcome to Mrs. Weimer's 7th Grade Social Studies - US II History Class!  This year we will be using Canvas so please be sure to bring your computer to class everyday!  :-)  Whatever is not finished in class will become homework.  

The best way to reach me is email:
[email protected]

This year we will be learning about many important topics:
Westward Movement and the Impact on American Indians
Jim Crow
Great Depression
Cold War
Civil Rights
Women's Rights
Vietnam War
Korean War
Immigration policy
War on Terrorism

Our schedule is:
1st period (homeroom): 8:15-9:11
2nd period: 9:14- 10:10
3rd period: 10:13- 11:34 (including lunch)
Lunch A (math & science): 10:25-10:50
Lunch B (social studies & language arts): 10:50- 11:15
4th period: 11:37-12:33
5th period (Independent study): 12:36-1:09
6th period (Encore): 1:12-2:02
7th period (Encore): 2:05-2:55
Dismissal: 2:55