Welcome to 2021-22 school year

I am excited being part of this Potomac family. My second year at PTMS include the year of Virtual learning (2020-21). I come with knowledge of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Public health. I am sure we will find all these skills applicable to our learnings.

Believing that the success of the student is the result of the combined support provided by home, community, and school; I will be taking great advantage of these relations for the purpose of carving a great path for the student.

Grade Eight physical science content and skills are based on the Virginia standards of Learning for Science. We will be working and encouraging students to build upon prior knowledge and developed science process skills to analyze science topics with more depth and rigor.

 Students are to focus on the topics below.

  • Planning & Conducting Investigations
  • Characteristics of Matter
  • Atoms & Atomic Theory
  • The Periodic Table
  • Changes in Matter
  • States & Forms of Energy
  • Heat & Heat Transfer
  • Sound & Light
  • Work, Force, & Motion
  • Electricity & Magnetism

The Science Standards of Learning is attached as a file on this class page.

During the 2021-22 school year, students will learn content in each key topic and practice the science investigative and engineering design skills outlined in the 2018 standards. They will be assessed on the 2018 standards at the end of their eighth-grade year.

Class expectations include:

Be on time.                                        Be curious.                          Be you.

Be prepared.                                       Be determined.                  Be open minded.

Be honest.                                           Be helpful.                          Be funny.

Be respectful.                                     Be happy.                            Be amazing.      

Be creative.                                        Be kind.                              Be supportive.


Canvas is your first point of reference for all assignments. The assignments and directions will be reviewed during class before they are assigned.


Assessments will be given at the end of each unit/module and announced a week before they are administered. Students will be expected to review independently. They will also be given time to review in class. In addition, quizzes will be given periodically throughout units/modules.


ParentVUE or StudentVue will display the official grades for the course.

Formative assessments- This will include daily grades, participation, quizzes, and homework.

Summative assessments- This will include Projects and tests.


  1. Canvas
  2. StudentVue/ParentVue
  3. Panther Newsletter


Participation for this class will be

-coming to class on time

-prepared with materials

-homework completed

-asking questions

-engaging fully in class

-working hard

Late work

Many of the assignments you will receive are to be completed in a specific order. Your learning will be the most productive if you are able to tackle assignments in the order in which they were given.

Reduced credits will be given for late works. For make up work, check in canvas, contact classmates, or email the teacher with concerns.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 703-221-4996