Classroom Norms

  1. Microphone: Keep microphones on mute to help avoid any unintended audio feedback.
  2. Video: Stay in one place, avoid multitasking or other distracting behaviors such as eating.
  3. Chat: We will utilize the chat feature to address any questions you may have throughout the presentation. You are welcome to ask questions to everyone or directly to your teacher (Me). We will pause regularly throughout the presentation to ensure that questions are answered.
  4. Homework or Assignment: Will be posted in Teams and on the my Webpage.
You will have several options for Listening Activities 
Option 1: Brain Pop ELL or Brain Pop Grammar video and vocabulary activity with quiz.
Option 2:Online Reading Story.
Remember to email me your the story you choose and or results from Brainpop activities.


Brain Pop
"The more you know, the more you know." 

STAR Reading Practice
Open STAR test here 

 Reading Activities

Lexia Power up

iXL is 4 Content area of learning go to