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8th grade
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Art Program: The Art Program is on a 9-week rotation. The Visual Arts Department uses the Prince William County Curriculum and pacing guide. Art Projects during the quarter are studio driven with a focus on the Elements and Principles of Art, Studio Habits of the Mind, and therapeutic experiences.  Prince William County's Art Curriculum is Unit based and correlates with Virginia Standards of Learning for Visual Arts. Each grade level will be structured by Unit with grade level expectations for that Unit. Below are the foundational Concepts that will be explored in 8th grade Art.   The objectives for Grade Eight focuses on the application and synthesis of previously learned concepts and more complex technical skills as students manipulate the elements and principles of the art-making process. Students will make conscious choices on media, processes, and techniques for expressive purposes in the creation of original works of art.    They debate the purposes of art, and formulate reasoned responses to meaningful art questions. They develop their own criteria for making art judgments as well as develop a personal philosophy of art. Students make connections between their prior art experiences and other fields of knowledge.
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