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Coach Bell and Coach Goff want to 
     welcome you to the 2022      
                  Wrestling Season

Thanks for a great season!  See you next year.

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To try out and participate in athletic activities students must:


Physicals from previous years are ineligible. Please remember to complete the physical form in its entirety complete with required signatures.

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Wrestling Dates

               2/4  Beville             
              2/10 @ Fred Lynn
              2/17 @ Potomac Shores
              2/23  Graham Park 
              3/1  Saunders 
             3/8   Rippon 


2022 PTMS Wrestling Team Information
Practices: Tuesday through Thursday, from 3 to 4:50. It is a requirement that all wrestlers stay to roll up the mats at the end of practice.
Meets: Typically start at 5:15
Who can be on the team? Any 6th, 7th, or 8th grader regardless of experience.
What equipment does my kid need? For practice wrestlers will need the clothes that they would wear for PE class, along with appropriate footwear (
wrestling shoes allow wrestlers to use proper technique as well as provide ankle support).  Headgear is also highly recommended for use during practice as it helps protect the ears (if you're interested, look up pictures of cauliflower ear). Wrestlers may purchase their own headgear. For meets, starting wrestlers will also be supplied with singlets and warm up tops. Wrestlers with exhibitions should have shorts and a t-shirt - I recommend getting compression shorts and an Under Armor type top for safety and freedom of movement.
Who gets to wrestle at the meets? All of the starters (16 weight classes), who are chosen by the coach, and up to 8 additional wrestlers depending on who the other team has available for exhibition matches. For away meets, I only take the starters plus wrestlers who should expect to get an exhibition match.
What are the weight classes? 75, 80, 86, 92, 98, 106, 114, 122, 131, 140, 149, 158, 168, 180, 205, 265.
Should my kid shower after practice and meets? Yes (I know that was probably a silly question).  One, they're sweaty and two, there are number of skin conditions that can develop without proper hygiene.  All wrestlers should take a shower as soon as they come home.
My kid has long hair, is this a problem? No, however wrestlers with long hair must get a hair cap/slicker (
You can start here if you need to purchase one). Additionally, if a wrestler's hair does not require a cap but is long in front, the hair must be trimmed so that it doesn't fall past the eyebrows.
My kid has braces, do they need a mouth-guard? Yes. Wrestlers with braces will not be allowed to compete without one.  Wrestlers are allowed to share a mouth-guard, but I believe that most of us would agree that this would be quite disgusting.
Should my kid bring something to eat on meet nights? Yes, however, if they are wrestling they are not to eat until after the match.  The reasons for this being that they need to make weight and wrestling on a full stomach is never a good idea.