Expectations Of Each Athlete Include The Following:

  • Athletes are encouraged to maintain good conduct standards.  We are a bully free school.  Any incidents of bullying on the team will be disciplined and may result in dismissal from the team.
  • Athletes are expected to report all injuries to the coach so first aid can be administered.
  • Athletes are expected to take care of the equipment issued to them.  Practice and game gear are to be returned at the end of the season.  If equipment is lost, students/parents are responsible for paying for the cost of the gear.  Game uniforms are not to be used as PE clothes.  Students not dressed in PE on a meet day will not participate in the competition.
  • Athletes will be expected to show up to the team room on time unless you are staying with another teacher in the building.  Athletes should let a coach know that you will be late or not at practice.  Any time you are late or not at a practice, you should present a pass or a note from a teacher/parent.
  • Sportsmanship is highly valued at Potomac Middle and we expect our athletes and fans to conduct themselves in a manner that represents our athletic program.
  • Academics are the most important aspect of playing school soccer.  A balance between studies and athletics is very important.  Athletes at Potomac Middle should pursue excellence in both the classroom and on the track.
  • Athletes will be responsible for providing their own water bottle during the season.
  • Athletes should be picked up at 5 P.M. after each day of practice. Athletes should be picked up at approximately 6:30 P.M. after home games and 7:00 after away games.
  • Athletes MUST ride the bus back to the school after away events.


Once a player is on the team and has disciplinary problems, the following actions will take place…

  1. Detention 

1st offense-may not start or play

2nd offense- may not start or play

3rd offense- suspended one game

4th offense- off team


  1. Unexcused Absences from Practice

1st offense- warning for player; parent contact; may not start or play

2nd offense- off team

*Must give a note to the coach as soon as possible and notify coach before a missed practice or portion of practice.

*Student should bring a pass when coming from a detention or other activity in the school building.

* If no note is provided, then unexcused absence


  1. Saturday School

1st offense- Suspended one game

2nd offense- Off team


  1. Out of School Suspension

1st offense- Subject to administrative and coaches review with a possible removal from the team.

Allen Mulligan
Potomac Middle School
Athletic Director