Announcement 4/21-Game vs. Lakeridge at Lakeridge Kick off 4:45PM

What to bring to Girls' Soccer Practice 

Full Water Bottle with Your Name on It.  Do not Share!  Sneakers, Cleats, Shin Guards, and  Exercise Clothing for Participation.  Please purchase a pair of black socks and a pair of white socks to go entirely over the shin gaurd.  Bring your Inhaler ALWAYS if you have asthma.  No inhaler than no practice or play!  No Shin guards than no practice or play.  Be prepared to practice indoors or outdoors.  

Congratulations to the following students that have made the Girls’ Soccer Team.  Students should be prepared to practice indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.  Thank you to all the girls that have tried out this season.  Please join a recreational league to improve your skills, endurance, and speed for next year.    

A great Recreational League to consider is Northern Virginia Soccer Club

  6th Grade
1. Jade Badger
2. Avila Batt
3. Rylan Jimenez
4. Chelsea Jusu Charm
5. Valeria Zameta
6. Julissa Merino 
7. Kabbay Deen

7th Grade
8. Anya Calvert
9. Katherine Trejo Coreas
10. Kaury Kelly
11. Rylee Jennae Santos
12. Giselle Santos
13. Cristina Martinez Lizama
14. Memunatu Conteh
15. Sena Laryea

8th Grade
16. Alison Cruz
17. Tatiana Marquez


Amy Rodriguez Vega

Amira Massey
Madison Chavez

Girls Panther Soccer Schedule 2022


Coach:  Georgina Bergeron                                                                                                    [email protected]


Thursday, April 21st vs Lake Ridge                                           Away

Monday, April 25th vs Fred Lynn                                              Home


Wednesday, May 4th vs Shores                                                Away

Thursday, May 5th vs Graham Park                                         Home

Monday, May 9th vs Hampton                                                    Away

Thursday, May 12th vs Saunders                                              Home

Wednesday, May 18thth vs Beville                                          Home

Thursday, May 19th vs Rippon                                                    Home

Monday, May 23rd vs Benton                                                    Away


*All Games Start at 4:45PM

*All Games have an entrance fee for both adults and students

*Games End at approximately 6PM at Home and the bus will return at approximately 6:30 for Away Games.  Students may be signed out at the field for Away Games by a Parent or Guardian instead of riding the bus back to Potomac Middle School. 

“The greatest achievement is making the most of our potential”

Potomac Middle School Girls Soccer

3130 Panther Pride Drive
Dumfries, VA 22026

703-221-4996  #323


Dear Parents and Panther Soccer Players,

Congratulations!  Your daughter has made the girls’ soccer team here at Potomac Middle.   My coaching philosophy focuses on individual development, team development, and goal setting.  I want the players to learn how to play a controlled soccer game through possession of the ball, disciplined defending, and good finishing.  I strive to build camaraderie within the team members and to instill some measure of team pride whether the team is winning or losing.  I want players to progress with each practice and game, as well as have fun participating.

I am a coach who takes an athlete-centered approach to practices and games where I stress positive leadership.  One of my goals as a coach is not only to develop quality soccer players, but to build character and instill positive values in players through hard work, responsibility, and mutual respect.  Sportsmanship is highly valued at Potomac Middle and we expect our athletes and fans to conduct themselves in a manner that represents our athletic program.

Academics are the most important aspect of playing school soccer.  A balance between studies and athletics is very important.  Athletes at Potomac Middle should pursue excellence in both the classroom and on the field.

This season I hope to give each player a good foundation of skills and knowledge of the game so that they can continue to play soccer at other levels and for other leagues.  Athletes will earn their experience through playing time according to ability, effort, and reliability for attending practices.


Expectations Of Each Soccer Player Include the Following:

  • Your daughter is chosen with an understanding that she will be dedicated and committed to this Soccer team.  Let us work together to make sure your daughter is at practices and games.  Please communicate with me via email if your daughter is unable to attend for any reason so I will know where your daughter is after school hours.
  • Players are encouraged to maintain good academic and conduct standards.
  • Players are expected to report all injuries to the coach so first aid can be administered.
  • Players are expected to take care of the equipment issued to them.  Practice and game gear are to be returned at the end of the season.  If equipment is lost, students/parents are responsible to pay the cost of the gear.  Game uniforms are not to be used as PE clothes.
  • Players will be responsible for providing their own water bottle, shin guards, black socks/white socks, and cleats during the season.  Be prepared to practice indoors or outdoors during practices and game days.  A mouth guard is also encouraged to be worn.  If players do not have the proper equipment for practices or games, they are not allowed to play.  This includes inhalers for players with asthma. 
  • Players should be picked up at 4:45 P.M. after each day of practice. Player should be picked up at approximately 6:00 P.M. after home games and 6:30 after away games.
  • I strongly recommend that all members of the team travel to and from an away contest on the bus.  However, the coach can release a player to their parents or guardians by signing out on the roster clipboard.

Once a player is on the team and has disciplinary problems, the following actions will take place…


1st offense-may not start or play

2nd offense- may not start or play

3rd offense- suspended one game

4th offense- off team

Unexcused Absences from Practice

1st offense- warning for player; parent contact; may not start or play

2nd offense- off team

*Must give a note to the coach as soon as possible and notify coach before a missed practice or portion of practice. 

*Student should bring a pass when coming from a detention or other activity in the school building.

* If no note is provided, then unexcused absence

Out of School Suspension

1st offense- Subject to administrative and coaches review with a possible removal from the team.


Coach Georgina Bergeron


“Staff, Students, and Parents Working Together as One”