Virtual Spirit Week 2020


Join us April 20—April 24 for a virtual spirit week.

Share your pictures by clicking the link "Share Pictures for Virtual Spirit Week."

**Students must enter their Microsoft 365 email address to share pictures.**


Share your spirit week pictures or videos.

Monday, April 20th 
Socially Distant Twin Day!  Dress like a friend while following social distancing guidelines.

Tuesday, April 21st 
Superhero Day! Share a picture of you dressed as a superhero to honor all the superheroes such as health care providers and food service workers who are helping our country at this time!

Wednesday, April 22nd 
Crazy Hair Day! The salons and barber shops are closed.  Let’s see your craziest hairstyle! 

Thursday, April 23rd 
Jersey Day! Share a picture of you dressed in your favorite team’s jersey since they can’t play right now!

Friday, April 24th
Potomac’s Got Talent Day! Share a video of you performing your talent while dressed in Potomac colors or spirit wear.  Don’t forget to snap a pic too!