Mr. Cauthen
Security Specialist

                        " SPEED LIMIT IN OUR PARKING LOT IS 10 MPH"
The bus loop is for busses only!



          Visitors are welcome, but only with a pre-arranged appointment

ALL Visitors are to report to the front office, state the purpose of their visit and obtain a dated visitor badge. The badge is to be displayed while on school grounds. All Visitors are required to leave photo identification when they enter and sign in.

* Release of Students during School Hours *

Only those individuals listed on the student’s Emergency Information Card will be authorized to remove the student(s) from school. Any individual coming to school to sign out a student must do so in the Main Office. Before going to the Main office you must stop at the security/visitor desk, sign in and leave a photo ID.

* Dress code * 

Students are expected to present a neat, well-groomed and appropriate appearance at all times. Any form of dress or hairstyle which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is distractive or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be permitted.
Students who are improperly dressed will have an opportunity to redress or will be sent home.  Students must adhere to the following:
1.  No hats, bandanas, sunglasses or headgear inside the school.
2.  Bulky wear may not be worn to classes; students may wish to keep a sweater or sweatshirt in their lockers for chilly days.
3.  Pants must be worn above hips.
4.  No revealing attire which exposes undergarments, midriffs, etc.
5.  No clothing or jewelry with profanity, suggestive symbols or language promoting drugs, alcohol, gangs, sex, death or violence.
6.  Hair should be of natural color.
7.  Tops with oversized openings are not permitted.
8.  All tank tops must be in accordance with the "three finger rule".
  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must meet the top of the finger plus two inches.
10.  No cleavage shall be visible at any time.

* A Safe School Environment *

* No Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco products

* No Weapons

* No fireworks

* No cell phones, beepers, electronic games or music devices during the day

* No photography or recording devices

* No odor causing agents such a stink bombs air freshener, etc.

* Leave coats, backpacks in your locker during the day

* No chains (connected to wallets, etc.)

 * All Medicine must be kept and taken in the Office

* When there is a problem contact an adult

* Property *

Please be sure to secure your property in your locker.   Potomac Middle School staff and coaches are not responsible for lost or stolen items
Confiscated property must be claimed by parents/guardians before and after school. Parents, thank you in advance for your continued support in this matter. 

                                        PRINCE WILLIAM SCHOOLS  CODE OF BEHAVIOR