Potomac Dance Team

Sponsor: Ms. Proudie, [email protected]


There will be no Practice on Wednesday 11/3/21.  Please practice the video.  If you are interested in the team and did not get the video please email Ms. Proudie

The Potomac Dance Team is an after school club for boys and girls.  The team will dance different genres of music including Salsa, Bachata, Folkloric, West African, Horton, Gospel, Hip-Pop, Praise, Contemporary, etc...

The purpose of the Dance Team is to give students an opportunity to express themselves through dance, movement. and music.  Students will also be thought the values of respect, self esteem, and community involvement

During the school year,  All team members are expected to attend practices held at least once a week after school from  3:00pm - 4:45pm, Typically Wednesdays.  There may be additional practices as needed to prepare for competitions. Students and parents will be notify in advance of any additional practices.

The Dance Team participates in school events as well as away events.  Other benefits of the team are field trips to Colleges, and Entertainment activities.  The students have an active part in being creative with the dances and doing crafts.

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Go to Outlook under flipgrid to upload videos