Hello Students,
As you know our school and all PrinceWilliam County Schools will remain closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, due to the health concerns caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

You will have the opportunity and time to do some learning online and review and revisit what we have learned. 
Please remember to read every day. Please remember to use the websites available to you and continue to practice on a daily basis.
Use clever to log in to many of the resources and applications available.

Please log in to your microsoft office 365 and use the email and the TEAMS application to send and receive messages from me.

I hope you are staying healthy and remember all that you have learned so far. 

We will continue to meet weekly at our scheduled times. 

Best Regards,
Mrs. Guerrero


6th Grade Mrs. Guerrero
suggested independent and online practice:

Reading: 30-35 minutes daily
Actively Learn
Books, Magazines, Online books
Dowloaded Books from library site

Daily Language Practice 30-35 minutes daily
Power up Lexia

 Skills Review

Brain POP
Power Up Lexia

Virtual Schoolhouse

 Online Meeting Rules and Expectations

Mrs. Guerrero

  1. No bad words, inappropriate language
  2. No cyber bullying
  3. Always log in with your name
  4. Do not share meeting information, our teams must stay private, do not share in social media
  5. Take turns talking, talk clearly
  6. Minimize visual distractions and try to minimize background noise
  7. Ask for help

ESOL Block 1 and 6 meets Thursdays at 10:30AM
ESOL Block 2 Language Arts meets Mondays at 9:15AM
(please log in TEAMS at this time unless you get a message for a different meeting time)