Mrs. Shrum
Visual Arts
Department Chair

My Final Post 6/8/2020:
I will be having my final ZOOM class with all of my students from this year tomorrow, 6/9/2020.  I will be sending out the log in information via email/HUB contact information. 

I will be retiring this year from teaching middle school visual arts. I have spent over 90% of my career here in Prince William (1985-2020) with the last ten years here at Potomac Middle School. I did work in DC for 3 years and followed my husbands military career for another 5 years out of the county and state. I am a product of PWCS (1969-1981). I hope that I have given back to the county and the community what they have given me. The desire to be an art teacher since I was in second grade. I have had the joy to hopefully inspire many young minds over my years of teaching. If not as an artist but as a person who appreciates the arts and what goes into creating art. I will miss so many students that I've taught over the years and this year as well. I've had the joy to teach with former students that have taken the path of being an educator. Yes, they made me feel a bit old but they also brought joy to see them grow as an adult and into who they wanted to become.  

I will be spending my retirement pursuing my own art, traveling, time with family and friends. I will be taking that much need recovery breath and also focusing on better health. I wish every one happiness, good health and the ability to always pursue their creative spirit wherever it may take them. 

To borrow a famous quote from Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World, " I love you all. Class dismissed."

Mrs. Shrum


COVID19/ Distance Learning Updates 
I hope that this finds you and your families safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.  But be assured that I'm thinking about all of you and want you to be safe above all else.  I will do my best to provide you with options for assignments that will continue your creative learning.  If you finish with an assignment, take a picture and send it to me via my school email.  I can give you creative input based on what you send me. And as always if you create something on your own or something that you've discovered and want to try on your own by all means please share it with me! I love to see you being independent artists!!!

To see the latest updates please click on the Announcements tab to your left.  Then click on the tab: files and documents for the latest on assignments. Most are word documents with instructions and some visuals along with hyperlinks to websites or instructional videos that will help with the assigned work.  

Instructional Time: 
Per the county's recent announcements, Quarterly Encores will have one 90 minute session per week to assist with instruction.  There will be more information forthcoming.  At this point, I'm looking at dividing up that 90 minutes into three 30 minute segments.  One 30 minute session for each grade level. I will be giving updates as more information is provided. 






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