Welcome to Ms. Barnes Class Page
Hello Students and Parents - 

I miss you. Please read the directions about the classes and hours. I can be reached through my email, Barnesga@pwcs.edu. If you have any questions or need any help, please send me an email (not just office hours).

distance learning schedule

Ms. Barnes Virtual Instruction time:
Monday 8:30am - 10am   
Language Arts
Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:30pm   my office hours
Friday 10am - 11:30am  Ind. Studies Reading Support

Virtual instructions for learning:
1. Please look for a Zoom link for our classes on Monday 8:30  in Microsoft Teams  teams does work for me; copy and paste the hyperlink and enter the class
2. Your CLEVER account will be used as access to a variety learning resources (Please make sure you can access to your account - if not contact me via email)

 Mistakes are proof that you are trying!
No one is perfect, that is why pencils have erasers.

Stay Safe and Take Care,
Ms. Barnes
Potomac Middle School
Special Education, 8th Language Arts